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Melton District ANZACS

Edgar James GREIG


Born: 1893

Birth registration: Victorian Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration No. 25114

Birthplace: Newport, Victoria

Parents: Father: James Greig
Mother: Emma Lane

Died: 1979

Place of death: Heidelberg, Victoria

Awards and Honours

  • British War Medal 1914-20
  • Victory Medal


Army Service Corp; 6th Australian Mechanical Transport Service



Regimental Service Number: 12397

Enlistment date: 25 May, 1916 Broadmeadows

Age at enlistment: 22 years 10 months

Address at enlistment: Rockbank, Victoria

Religion: Church of England

Marital Status: Single

Next of kin: Father: James Greig, Rockbank, Victoria

Physical Description: Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 145 pounds
Complexion: Medium
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark Brown
Distinctive marks: scar on forehead, scar on chin, small scar on knee, fleshy mole on the back of the neck

Embarkation ship: HMAT A15, Port Sydney.

Rank: Driver

Return Date: 20 May, 1919

Return Vessel: Miltiades.

Arrival at Australia: 8 May, 1919.At: Port Melbourne, Victoria

War Service Summary

16/11/1916 - Mustered as an Australian Military Transport Driver
25/11/1916 - Proceeded to France
Served in 3rd Australian Ammunition Sub-Park, Y Corps Amm. Sub-Park, K Amm. Park and 6th A.M.T.C. from 1916 to 1919.
26/02/1918 - Admitted sick to hospital, (Scabies) 08/03/1918 - Returned to unit.
Had two periods of leave: 05/10/18 - 26/10/18 to U.K. and 08/02/1919 - 22/02/1919 to Paris
25/05/1919 Embarked Miltiades at Plymouth for Australia

War Service Commemerated

Life After the War

Names of wife & children:
05/09/ 1923 - Married Beryl Lockwood Larkins at St Peters Church, Melbourne.
Two children:
Marguerite Cynthia

Place/s of residence:
1924 - Melton Park
1937 - Kooyong

1919 - Chaff Cutter proprietor (Electoral Rolls)
1977 - Manufacturer (Electoral Rolls)

Date of death: 1979 in Heidelberg, Victoria Reg # 2183

Other relevant information:

The unveiling of the early Melton war memorial in front of the Mechanics Institute is recorded in a series of photographs taken by Edgar Greig. They show a large crowd forming a semi-circle around the obelisk draped in the Union Jack. The crowd includes defence force sailors, and many people (apparently members of the Victorian Motor Club) gathered around motorcars (which appear to considerably outnumber horses and carts), and peppercorn and elm trees.
(See: Starr, J, Melton: Plains of Promise, Shire of Melton, 1985, pp.244-247.)

In the early twentieth century, Edgar Greig of Melton Park, invented the Greig Gas Producer, which operated with charcoal and dripping water. The units were widely used in motor vehicles during WWII, when petrol was rationed. It was not manufactured in Melton
(See: David Moloney, Shire of Melton Heritage Study, 2007, P. 132 and newspaper extracts.)

Additional Information

The Argus,
18 December, 1923, p. 1

GREIG-LARKINS.-On the 5th September, 1923, at the Church of St. Peter, Melbourne, by Canon E. S. Hughes, Beryl Lockwood, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Larkins, Melbourne, to Edgar James Greig, of Melton Park, Melton, only son of Mr. and Mrs. James Greig.

The Argus
11 April 1927, p. 12

Sir, -Mr E. Heitmann in his criticism of the methods adopted in the ballot for a representative to sit on No 3 Dry Area Advisory Board, insinuates that this ballot was not run on impartial lines. As the candidate mentioned as having sent out circulars, I must, in justice, state that I received no assistance from Anzac House, and that I, as well as Mr Heitmann, was refused a list of settlers in this area. The names of those to whom circulars were sent were obtained from quite another source - as were those used by other candidates, in other districts. I am quite sure that had Mr Heitmann explored other avenues than Anzac House, he could have, without difficulty, gained the information he desired. Yours &c., E. J. GRIEG, Melton, April 7.

The Argus
10 March 1936, p. 4

Melton Farmer's Tests
After experiments lasting three years Mr. J. Greig, of Melton Park, Melton, has invented a new method of employing producer gas as a fuel for motor-vehicles. Charcoal and water are used to make the gas, and Mr. Greig claims that by his patents 16 1b. of charcoal will furnish as much power as one gallon of petrol. Charcoal, which is generally obtainable, and can be manufactured by anyone, costs about 30/ a ton in Victoria at present.
Producer gas has been used for internal combustion engines for many years, but the disadvantages have been regarded generally as outweighing the advantages.
Mr. Greig claims to have overcome the necessity for making alterations to the normal petrol engine to provide instantaneous starting from cold, and to have obviated the need for manual manipulation needed with most other systems. He states that he has found a method of enabling a change over from petrol to producer gas and vice versa to be made at any time with any load. Thus petrol can be used for starting, and the changeover made by pressing a button on the dashboard when the gas is of sufficiently good quality.
A two-ton Bedford chassis has been equipped with the device, and will shortly be tested under normal working conditions.

The Argus
14 August 1940, p. 5


A survey to determine, in order of preference, the utility and suitability of substitute motor fuels, was ordered yesterday by the State Emergency Council.
It will be carried out by the fuels sub-committee, and will embrace producer gas, town gas, power alcohol, and motor spirit produced from brown coal.
The report is to be presented next week to the council, which will later submit recommendations to the Government regarding the most effective methods of maintaining adequate supplies of fuels considered most suitable.
Acceleration to 65 miles an hour without the throttle being fully open was achieved this week in a modern Ford V8 car driven by a Hy-Power gas producer. The test was carried out by Mr. E. J. Greig, inventor of the unit. The speed was maintained for a considerable distance.
The unit is neat and compact in appearance, and possesses several unique features, over which patents have been secured. One is a device, for boosting the gas to permit of any desired admixture of petrol. Special attention has been given to cleansing of the gas.

The Argus
1 April 1943, p 11

NOTICE of DISSOLUTION of PARTNERSHIP.- Notice is hereby given, that the
PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, Clifford David Adams and Edgar James Greig, carrying on the business of manufacture and sale of gas producers under the business name of Greig Hy-Power Gas Producer Company, at 86-92 Sturt street, South Melbourne, has been DISSOLVED by mutual consent as from the thirty-first day of March, one thousand nine hundred and forty-three. The said business will thereafter be carried on by the said Edgar James Greig. Dated at Richmond the 31st day of March, one thousand nine hundred and forty-three. E. J. GREIG. Witness, E. Neville. C. D. ADAMS. Witness, E. Neville. Rodda. Ballard, & Vroland, solicitors, 430 Little Collins street, Melbourne.

The Argus
22 January 1946, p. 2

GREIG.-On January 20, at Kew. James Greig, of Karoora, Rockbank, beloved husband of the late Emma Greig, and loved father of Alison (Mrs. P. V. Butler) and Edgar.
(nb: Emma died at Karoora 21 February 1937 per Argus 22 February 1937)

The Argus
10 August 1951, p 15

I herebv give notice that MARIE DALLEY, EDGAR JAMES GREIG having been duly nominated as Candidates for the office of Councilor for the Studlev Park Ward or the City or Kew, a POLL for the Election of One Councillor will be TAKEN on SATURDAY, 25th DAY or AUGUST 1951 …

The Children:
The Argus
20 February, 1948, p. 7

JUST back from holiday at Clifton Springs, Joy Langford is busy receiving good wishes on announcement of her engagement to Frank Greig. Same has been sealed by ring of square sapphire with diamond arms. She is daughter of Mrs E. Langford, of South Yarra, and he son of Mr and Mrs Edgar Greig, Kew. Frank is a keen golfer and first met his fiancee at Kew Golf Club, where they are both members. Pair will celebrate engagement with party at Claridge's tomorrow night.
The Argus
4 December 1948 p 9
TO celebrate the 21st birthday of their daughter Cynthia, Mr and Mrs Edgar J. Greig gave a cocktail party yesterday evening at their home in High st, Kew.
Among those present—many of whom were old school friends of Cynthia's from MCEGGS and MLC—were her brother Frank and his fiancee, Joy Langford, who will be married at Melbourne Grammar Chapel next Tuesday.

The Argus,
8 December, 1948, P. 11
Melbourne Grammar School Chapel was the setting yesterday for the wedding of Joyce
Amelia, only daughter, of Mrs E. Langford, South Yarra, and Frank Edgar, only son of Mr and Mrs Edgar J. Greig, Kew.
The bride wore a magnolia slipper satin gown with draped bodice and a full skirt with a train. Her cream tulle veil was held in place with orange blossom, and she carried lilies.

The Argus
19 December 1953, p 15
NEARLY 100 people will be entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Greig at a combined welcome home and bon voyage party at their home in Kew tonight.
The "welcome home" will be to their nephew, Dr. Graeme Larkins, and Mrs. Larkins, who returned recently with their three small sons after spending two years in London.
Guests will also farewell Mr, and Mrs. Greig's daughter Cynthia, who leaves for Italy In the s.s. Sydney on New Year's ' Eve.
A nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Cynthia will do a post-graduate course in England.

The Argus
9 June 1956 p 1

GREIG-BOND.--Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Greig, of Kew, announce with pleasure the engagement of their daughter, Marguerite Cynthia, to Leslie George Bond, of West Hampstead, London. England, only son of the late Mr. and Mrs G. A. Bond.


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