Just Another Pair Of Socks

Melton District ANZACS



Born: 5 July, 1899

Birth registration: Victorian Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration No. 20633

Birthplace: Toolern Vale

Parents: Thomas Burton Jnr. (1867-1916) born in Melton
Annie Morrison (1872-1954) born Romsey

Died: 1973

Place of death: Bendigo, Victoria

Burial place: Bendigo Cemetery, Section: Lawn 3S; Grave No. 43772, Bendigo, Victoria



Regimental Service Number: 79050

Enlistment date: 8 July, 1918

Age at enlistment: 19 years

Address at enlistment: Taylors Road, St. Albans

Religion: Church of England

Marital Status: Single

Physical Description: Height: 5 feet 4 1/2 inches
Weight: 124 pounds
Complexion: Fresh
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Fair
Distinctive marks: Moles on back

Embarkation ship: .

Rank: Private

War Service Summary

02/09/1918 - Recruitment Depot, Broadmeadows
11/09/1918 - History of rheumatic fever. Now pain in joints. Referred to Medical Board
19/09/1918 - Medical discharge confirmed but then pneumonia contracted while on service
19/09/1918-23/09/1918 - Pneumonia
23/09/1918 - S.O. Invalid 3rd M.D.
16/11/1918 Discharged, medically unfit

Service: 132 days

12/07/1918 - Letter from Annie Burton objecting to Percys enlistment: He has had rheumatic fever twice and was the victim of a farm accident through which he sustained 3 broken and 2 fractured ribs, & a burst kidney which blew for a fortnight. Dr. J. Adamson was his Medical Attendant and his address is Sunshine. If taken for active service, there will be one boy of 14 home with me, the said son being a married man with 1 child living elsewhere. (P 50 Service Record)

16/07/1918 - Letter from Dr. John Anderson, Sunshine, confirming rheumatic fever in Percy 1916. The disease ravages 2 other children. (P 51 Service Record)
History of rheumatic fever/rheumatism disclosed. Disability prior to commencement of service.

Life After the War

Names of wife & children:
c. 1926 married Ivy Lavinia Mabel Stephenson (1904-1990)

Place/s of residence:
Toolern Vale,
c. 1911 1920 - Taylors Road, St. Albans
1924, 1931, 1936 - 208 Arnold St., Bendigo; Electoral Rolls
1942, 1949 - 190 Victoria Street St., Bendigo; Electoral Rolls
1963, 1968, 1972 - 1 Victoria St., Bendigo; Electoral Rolls

1924- 1936 Labourer; Electoral Rolls
1942-1972 Motor driver; Electoral Rolls

Date of death:
1973 Reg # 8070 Bendigo
Place of burial:
30/03/1973 Bendigo Cemetery, Section: Lawn 3S; Grave No. 43772
21/12/1990 Ivy buried in same grave

Other relevant information:
Cousin of brothers Robert Burton and William Burton, and Thomas Edward Hunter


Australian War Memorial
Service Record
Family sources