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Melton District ANZACS

John (Jack) DALWOOD


Born: 26 February, 1872

Birthplace: Ballarat

Parents: William Dalwood, Catherine

Died: 7 September, 1951

Cause: An accident with a tram and poverty. Cremation at Springvale

Place of death: Fitzroy

Burial place: Victoria. Ashes scattered

Awards and Honours

  • 1914-1915 Star
  • British War Medal 1914-20
  • Victory Medal


Divisional Ammunition Column



Regimental Service Number: 2410

Enlistment date: 26 August, 1914 Victorian Barracks

Age at enlistment: 37 years 6 months

Address at enlistment: Stoneleigh, Rockbank, Victoria

Religion: Presbyterian

Marital Status: Married

Next of kin: Nellie Dalwood

Physical Description: Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 8 stone 10 pounds
Complexion: Dark
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Distinctive marks: Vaccination x 3

Embarkation ship: H.M.A.T. A 21 Maree; A 15 Port Said 07/09/1916.

Rank: Driver

Return Date: 5 August, 1916

Return Vessel: 1. H.S. Themistocles 2. H.T Beltana 17/03/1917.

Arrival at Australia: 12 May, 1917.

Discharge Date: 22 June, 1917

War Service Summary

26/08/1914    Enlisted
14/10/1914 - Overstayed leave for 7 hours, admonished and forfeits one days pay.
21/10/1914    Embarked
30/04/1915    Joined Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. From letter dated 10/06/1931 says: "I went with the 1st D.A.C. to train in Egypt; was there a month and went to Lemnos; was there about 10 days but we did not land. We were sent back to Egypt. I was with Major Kendll, the Vet officer of the D.A.C. at Cleopatra Camp. I had charge of the Sick Horse lines and was dressing a horse. I got a kick on the left knee and had to go to hospital at Alexandris, and from there I was transferred to England." 01/09/1915 - Mena Camp, Alexandria. In charge of wagon and kicked by horse after the horse bolted. Injured left knee. Cleopatra Camp
23/09/1915 - Invalided per Karoola to England and ships surgeon operated on leg
05/10/1915 - Admitted to Bethnal Green Hospital for many months
08/05/1916 - Embarked for Australia H.S. Themistocles, injured right knee.
19/06/1916    Arrived Melbourne
20/06/1916    Sent to Caulfield Hospital and after 4 weeks to Mont Park. 18/07/1916 - Returned to duty. See 1937 entry.
07/09/1916 - Re-embarked A15 Port Syndey from Melbourne
29/10/1916 - Disembarked Plymonth
07/11/1916    To Parkhouse A.A.T.D.
17/11/1916    Marched out to Bulford
22/11/1916 - To Tidworth Hospital, synovitis Left knee.
07/12/1916    Marched In to No. 1 C.D. Perham Downs
29/12/1916    AWL from Perham Downs from midnight 21/12/1916 9.30pm 27/12/1916. Forfeits 6 days pay.
25/01/1917    Marched out to Weymouth
17/03/1917 - Invalided to Australia aboard H.T. Beltana. Injury to left knee.
12/05/1917 - Disembarked Melbourne
22/06/1917 - Medically Discharged

15/02/1937 - A letter in his file shows states that after being sent back to England he was sent to a convalescent home, then rejected for service in France because of a withered leg.

War Service Commemerated

Life After the War

Names of wife & children:
12/11/1920 Divorce see PROV divorce entries for 1920 # 204
23/02/1921 Remarried. No children. From M file which also shows Nellie as his wife at time of enlistment, and later refers to a Mrs. K. Dalwood.
Medical records indicate that pensions are being paid in respect of two children residing in Adelaide.
1923 letter refers to a wife and 3 children. 1928 pension appeal refers to his wife and 4 children.

Electoral Rolls show that no other person named Dalwood was living with John after he returned from war.

No evidence can be found for children other than in pension claims in M file.

Place/s of residence:
1905 - Ballarat Road, Rockbank - Electoral Rolls (with Nellie)
1914 - Wrixons farm, Rockbank - Electoral Rolls (with Nellie)
1914 - Wrixons farm, Rockbank - Electoral Rolls (without Nellie)
1919 - 663 Sydney Rd., Brunswick Electoral Rolls

01/06/1916 121 Barclay St., West Brunswick (Nellie)
01/10/1917 104 Albert St., West Brunswick (Nellies address)
29/06/1929 Diggers Road, Werribee South (from M file) with wife, Mrs. K. Dalwood
17/08/1929 - 76 Tinning St., Brunswick
27/01/1933 76 Tinning St., Brunswick Electoral Rolls
1934 -113 Kay St., Carlton South Electoral Rolls
08/12/1936 56 Johnstone St., Firzroy
1937 51 Palmer St., Fitzroy - Electoral Rolls
1939 - 137 Napier St., Fitzroy
17/03/1939 141 Napier St., Fitzroy
1949 6 Napier St., Fitzroy (rear of building) Electoral Rolls
1950 C/- Coolibah Club, 65 Brunswick St., Fitzroy

Farm Manager, Wrixons farm, Rockbank.
21/01/1918    Lettter to Repatriation Department: "In July last, I commenced in business as a wood and coal merchant and make less than 20/- per week. I cannot do the heavier work have to employ labour. My present state of health Injured knee Gallipoli.
1918-1919 Attempted work in a wood yard, but had to give it up." 1919 Wood merchant Electoral Rolls
16/02/1920 Since last examination I have been employed as a labourer at Werribee Deer Park started February 1919. Not working now.
1925 No work since the death of Mr Wrixon. M files
1928 State he is in and out of work as a farm labourer.
1931 Labourer Electoral Rolls
1934 - Manager Electoral Rolls
1937 - Manager Electoral Rolls
1949 Farm Manager Electoral Rolls

M files indicate that Dalwood had no on-going work after returning from service overseas.

Date of death: 07/09/1951 Fitzroy Reg. # 13522
As a result of an accident with a tram in Fitzroy compounding poverty.
Place of burial:
Cremation at Springvale, then ashes scattered.

Other relevant information:
Medical records reveal chronic ill health including time at Repatriation General Hospital, Caulfield. He is stone deaf. His leg gave continuing problems post war: 1924 broke wrist when he fell; 1926 broke wrist twice after falls. He was hit by a tram and fractured ribs.
16/02/1920 Report from Drs. Craig and Whitford states that Dalwood says he is deaf and suffers frightful headaches. His speech is incoherent and hospital observation is required. No alcohol is smelt.
10/03/1921 Pension 30% of rate.
13/08/1921 Dr Foster suspects hysteria or malingering.
21/11/1923 "I beg to apply for some small assistance under the Repatriation Act as I cannot earn enough to keep my wife and 3 children on account of my leg." 17/12/1923 Appeal disallowed. Pension remains at 25% of rate.
09/07/1928 Pension appeal: "I cannot earn enough to keep my wife and 4 children." 27/07/1928 Appeal disallowed. Pension remains at 33% of rate.
02/11/1931 Refused Repatriation benefits for nervous condition and deafness.
25/01/1933 Brunswick RSL writes requesting support for the poor old chap is on his own, and relies on this Branch to do all we can to assist him.
1935 - Requests an increase in his part pension. Some disability not attributed to war service.
1937 - He was in so much in pain with his leg that he asked for it to be amputated. Doctors refuse this treatment.
Letter of Support for amputation from David Williams: "You know quite well Sir, that it is a shame the way that the Department has treated this man. All I ask for Sir is that British Justice, tempered with a little sympathetic consideration should be shown to this old man whom is a great loyalist
1939 Doctor describes him as old, feeble

John Dalwood lived in poverty in his last years." The Brotherhood of St. Laurence was involved with him.

Additional Information

The Argus,

30 September, 1949, p. 5INJURED MAN LIVED HERE


A 77 YEAR OLD pensioner, suffering from injuries received in an accident, lay for two days in the sub-standard, one-room dwelling (above), in Napier st., Fitzroy, because all Melbourne hospitals were full.

The dwelling lacks even adequate ventilation, but was "hospital" and home for Mr John

Dalwood while he recuperated.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence, who arranged his admittance to Cheltenham Benevolent

Asylum, said yesterday this case was typical of many. …


Service Record
Nominal Roll
Repatriation Commission M file
Public Records Office Victoria